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2024 Workshops

Each participant may attend any workshop of interest to them.  Parents and teachers may attend as well.  Workshops are held throughout the day and are conducted by the visiting clinicians.

Young Musicians Festival


Saturday  12:45 -1:15, Band Room

Title:  Having Fun with Rhythm & Improvisations
for intermediate students

This session will include a review of appropriate counting techniques for young musicians also used by professional musicians. These principles will be applied to improvisation. Please bring your instruments – everything discussed and reviewed will be reinforced by applying these concepts to real performance and improvisation. This session will reinforce the understanding and application of scales, issues of tone production, ear training and listening skills, musical understanding, and the importance of individual leadership while working together as a group. 

A young woman playing the piano in the Honors Concert at a Bowen Young Musicians Festival


Saturday  10:45 – 11:15, Auditorium

Title:  Piano Problem-Solving Workshop
for beginning/intermediate students

This workshop focuses on solutions to common problems experienced by developing pianists, including technique, voicing and balance, pedaling, polyrhythms, and memory. Special consideration will be given to productive, efficient, and delightful practice. Volunteers will have the opportunity to bring their own repertoire for demonstration.

Saturday 1:45-2:30, Auditorium

Title:  Expectation and Surprise in Rachmaninoff’s Preludes
for intermediate/advanced students & teachers

When performers think like composers, it can lead them to exciting interpretive choices that amplify special moments for the listener. As we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Rachmaninoff’s birth, take a deep dive into some of his most well-loved compositions. Rachmaninoff’s preludes develop unique patterns of expectation and surprise based on their own self-contained logic. Enrich your appreciation and teaching of these masterpieces!

Saturday 4:00, Auditorium

Title:  Cracking the Practice Code
for all participants, parents, and teachers

How do you get really good at music really fast? Daniel Coyle’s influential 2009 book, “The Talent Code” has been praised for its insight in the development of talent. Using researched gathered from “talent hotbeds” around the world, from tennis clubs to music schools, and further confirmed by laboratory research, this book popularized powerful new discoveries in skill acquisition and improvement. This presentation will apply the most important of these discoveries to practicing music, including habits and mindset, practice and the brain, and practice strategies to apply right away. Follow along with a handout for 30 easy-to-remember tips and a list of recommended resources for further learning.

Dividers Calligraphy Flourish  - AnnaliseArt / Pixabay
Young Musicians Festival Honor Performance Concert


Saturday  11:30 – 12:00, Media Center

Title:  Learn the Secrets of the Bow
for all students and teachers

Come and explore how to achieve better tone, an even spiccato, a rolling bariolage and much more. Come with any bow challenges you have and together we will explore some principles and practice techniques to helping you achieve any bow technique challenge!

Young Musicians Festival


Saturday  9:15 – 9:45, Choir Room

Title:  Breathing – It’s Not Just For Living Anymore
for intermediate students

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