2022 Workshops

Each participant may attend any workshop of interest to them.  Parents and teachers may attend as well.  Workshops are held throughout the day and are conducted by the visiting clinicians.

Young Musicians Festival


Saturday  11:10 – 11:55, Band Room

Title:  Am I in Tune?
for intermediate students

Making sense of the art of intonation
I. What does “In Tune” mean?
II. Flat or Sharp: That is the question.
III. Why not just manufacture instruments that play “in tune”?
IV. Initial Adjustment: One and Done?
V. Know your instrument
VI. Know Yourself
VII. Practice it.

A young woman playing the piano in the Honors Concert at a Bowen Young Musicians Festival


Saturday  9:55 – 10:40, Auditorium

Title:  The Singing Pianist
for intermediate/advanced students

Understand the craft of how to play with a good sound, and good phrasing, by looking at the first 8 measures of Chopin’s nocturne, Op 55 #1.

Saturday 1:45 – 2:15, Auditorium

Title:  10 Practice Hacks
for beginning/intermediate students

Strengthen the results of your practice sessions with these practice hacks.

Dividers Calligraphy Flourish  - AnnaliseArt / Pixabay
Young Musicians Festival Honor Performance Concert


Saturday  10:30 – 11:05, Media Center

Title:  5 Factors for a Great Sound with the Bow
for intermediate students

Does your violin squeak? Does your teacher often tell you to play louder? Get the most sound out of your instrument with “5 Factors for a Great Sound with the Bow!” Using these 5 Factors, you will produce an amazing sound with your bow every time you play!

Young Musicians Festival


Saturday  10:50 – 11:35, Choir Room

Title:  First Steps at Vocal Improvisation
for intermediate students

We spend a lot of time in choir learning how to read music and perform songs that have already been written down. But what happens if we take away the printed music? Can we still create music without relying on notes that have already been written down for us? In this workshop, we’ll take our first steps at exploring vocal improvisation and how to create our own music on-the-spot.

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