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Sponsor the Bowen Young Musician Festival

The Bowen Young Musicians Festival

The Bowen Young Musicians Festival keeps registration fees low in order to include more participants.

Sponsorships and donations from individuals and businesses are crucial in order for the Festival to hire professional clinicians. The clinicians adjudicate and instruct music students of all ages. We are proud to offer a high-quality musical growth experience in the comfort of our small town.

There are several ways for businesses and individuals to support The Bowen Young Musicians Festival financially. Click on the links below for more information:

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Tiered sponsorships


Bronze Level


Division Sponsor

Silver Level


Festival Sponsor

Gold Level


Additional business opportunities



Program Ad


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Prize Drawing

$5 and up

Every $5 in non-sponsorship donations will be entered into our prize drawing.  The drawing will occur after the Honors Concert. 

Winners need not be present to win. 

Names will be automatically entered in the drawing unless donors request it be otherwise. 

Payment Info

Prizes for 2022

Payment information

Tiered Sponsorships & Business opportunities


Other $ contributions

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