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Festival Volunteers

Either before, during, or after, we always need volunteers.  We’ve listed a few of our volunteer opportunities.  

If you’re interested in helping with our Pre-Festival needs please email us.  Otherwise, we’ll post a link to our volunteer sign-up page 2-3 weeks prior to the festival.


Sponsorship Drive

Inquire at local businesses about becoming a Festival Sponsor.  (A sponsorship sheet will be provided. ) Follow through with collecting money, logos, names, etc., and report back to Festival Director.

Collect Prize Donations

Collect several neat and interesting prizes from businesses and individuals.

Festival Set-up

Begins late afternoon or early evening the day before (Friday) the Festival.  Be prepared to haul boxes and equipment, set up tables, chairs & keyboards, put signage up, etc.


Room Helpers

Volunteers will assist the clinician in their assigned rooms.  An instructional sheet will be available soon.

Coordination Meeting @ 7:30 a.m.  
Room Helpers are required to attend a coordination meeting with all of the clinicians on festival Saturday.  This meeting is critical in helping room helpers understand their job.  Clinicians and room helpers will coordinate a plan for working together.  Check-in at the front desk first.


Festival Tear-Down

Occurs Saturday evening after the Honors Concert (about 6:30 p.m.)  Tear-down involves packing up equipment, putting rooms back in order, packing up keyboards, removing BYMF signage from doors and walls, and anything else that needs to be done to return the site to its pre-festival state.

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