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Past Workshops

Previous Workshops

Browse some of our past workshops to get an idea of what to expect when you register for the Bowen Young Musicians Festival.


Young Musicians Festival


Enjoying Improvisation While Reinforcing Scales in the Classroom – 2019
Clinician:  Dr Gregory J Wheeler
Level: For intermediate students
Rhythmic understanding by learning to enjoy improvisation in the classroom setting through scales.  An emphasis and reinforcement of proper techniques of breathing, posture, hand position, tone production, issues of pitch, and correct embouchure while stressing the
importance of teamwork.

Go Home & Practice – Ok, Now What? – 2018
Clinician:  Dr Lane Weaver
Level: For intermediate students
A practical, step-by-step method for making your practice time better.  We will also learn why it is OK to be a “bad” player, and how a chicken can take the stress out of practicing.  Bring your

How to Get the Most From Your Practice Session – 2016
Clinician:  Richard Zigweid
Level: For students of all ages
Practice makes Permanent.  Learn strategies to make your practice session as productive as possible. Some of the topics that will be covered are: Why do we practice scales and arpeggios? How can I get “that sound” from my instrument? What is the best way to work out those really tough parts? 

Jazz Workshop – 2015
Clinician:  Dr Gregory J Wheeler
Level: For intermediate/advanced students and teachers
“A bit of swing, Latin, and funk.” We’ll be learning three different tunes and some of the steps to improvisation within those styles and progressions.

Jazz Improvisation – 2012
Clinician:  Dr Gregory J Wheeler
Level: For beginning to intermediate jazz musicians.
Workshop for Brass & Woodwind Players.  Learn the tricks of trade that professionals use for practice technique specific to
brass or woodwind instruments. Move to the next level in your technique!

A young woman playing the piano in the Honors Concert at a Bowen Young Musicians Festival


Why Practice the Piano? – 2019
Clinician:  Ricklen Nobis
Level:  For beginning to intermediate students.
A fresh and interactive look at practicing, and why it matters–or not! Students will be invited to perform, and we will share ways to help make practicing more fun and effective.

Arranging 101:  Creating Fantastic Fantasias from Familiar Music – 2018
Clinician:  Dr Kevin Olson
Level: For intermediate to advanced.
Learn to create artistic arrangements from existing music. In this workshop, we will take a quick tour of composers throughout history who created great arrangements, and discuss some techniques pianists can use to take any piece and create an engaging, original arrangement from it.

Understanding the True Nature of Classical Styles – 2017
Clinician:  Dr Scott Holden
Level: For intermediate to advanced students.
We will explore some of the traits of the Classical era. Many students do not truly appreciate or understand this because they are not really reading between the lines of the piece they are working on.

How to Use Hymnbooks to Improve Piano Techniques – 2016
Clinician:  Ran Duan
Level: For students of all ages.
Hymns are not just simple four parts chordal progression; they are the best repertoire to improve legato and voicing techniques.

Learning to Play By Ear – 2010
Clinician:  Colin Ross
Level: For beginning to intermediate students.
Ever wish you could just hear a song and learn to play it? This class will teach you how! Starting with simple melodies and chord patterns, we will introduce the basics of playing by ear. In addition to chords, keys, and scales, we will also learn techniques for effective practice and memorization

Dividers Calligraphy Flourish  - AnnaliseArt / Pixabay
Young Musicians Festival Honor Performance Concert


Reading Between The Lines – 2019
Clinician:  Miriam Hone
Level: For all ages.
Learn how to read beyond the notes, rhythm, and bowing to understand what the composer was trying to express, and how it will bring the music to life!

How to Upgrade My Instrument, Bow, and Case – 2018
Clinician:  Estefan Cortez
Level: For intermediate to advanced students.
Young musicians don’t often get the chance to try out and discuss higher quality instruments. In this
workshop, we will discuss how to select and upgrade instruments, bows, and cases. Students will have a
chance to play different instruments.

Fiddle Fun For Everyone! – 2017
Clinician:  James Arbizu
Level: For beginning to intermediate students.
We will learn a fiddle tune by ear and make our own arrangement. Students should be through the Twinkle
Variations in Suzuki book 1.

Bowing Basics – 2015
Clinician:  Dennis Harrington
Level: For intermediate students.
This seminar, designed for students in their 2nd and 3rd year of playing, goes over the basics of the bow stroke.  We’ll demonstrate and learn a couple of bowing exercises that every player should know, and explore the relationship between posture and bowing. The four basic bowing techniques will also be covered.

Electrify Your Instrument – 2015
Clinician:  Dennis Harrington
Level: For students of all ages and teachers.
Sometimes, you just need to be louder……but what is the best way to do it? In this seminar, we’ll give a brief overview of the basics of instrument amplification. We’ll also cover a few different types of instruments, amplifiers, and pickups, including the do-it-yourself $5 Franken-fiddle.

Young Musicians Festival


A Voice of Confidence – 2019
Clinician:  Kelly DeHaan
Level: For intermediate to advanced students.
Would you like to sing a solo but chicken out because of auditions and so you don’t end up even trying?  Has someone told you you don’t sing well but you really like to sing? Come and spend 45 minutes with Kelly DeHaan and he will give you some tools to help you feel more confident about you and your voice. 

Vocal Exercises:  The Options Are Endless – 2015
Clinician: Kevin Diehl
Level: For singers of all ages and teachers.
Join us for one big voice lesson! We will explore the myriad ways that individuals and choirs can use vocal exercises to warm up and train the voice. In this workshop you will be in and out of your seat, coming up front to help demonstrate, and singing a lot. It’s a guaranteed good time!

Choral Reading – 2014
Clinician:  Dr Jane Fjelsted
Level: For beginning to intermediate students.
Brush up on vocal and choral technique while learning a couple of choral arrangements from start to finish.

Air To Grow On:  Life is Shorter If You Don’t Breathe – 2013
Clinician:  Paul Searcey
Level:  For all ages.
Breathing to sing is different from breathing to live.  Attendees will learn techniques to increase breath support and maintain good breathing posture throughout their music careers.

Improvisation:  Jazz – 2012
Clinician:  Kristie Arnold
Level: Learn where to start, how to listen, and how to deliver in this hands-on approach to beginner/intermediate
vocal jazz improvisation.

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