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Help us through sponsors & donations

Help us meet our mission of an “artistically vibrant community” by sponsoring & donating to MAT Camp.

Your financial contributions help pay instructor fees, event operation costs, and general overhead expenses.  And MAT Camp goes through a ton of office & art supplies each year.  We are always appreciative of material donations too (call or email to see what we need).

Choose which option works best for you.  

TO SPONSOR A CLASSROOM, TUITION OR MATERIAL FEES CONTACT:  ContactTheArtsInc@gmail.com or call 801-360-3590

Sponsor a Classroom

Sponsor a classroom for $50/class.  

Or take on a whole block of 10 classes for $500.  We’ll also award a scholarship in your name (or of your choice if you have a preference.)


Sponsor tuition &/or material fees

Sponsor tuition for students in need. There is no set donation amount. 

Choose someone in particular or let us apply the amount at our discretion to a student and/or students in need.

This is a very individualized form of sponsorship.  If you’re not sure how much to contribute, ask us.  We’ll give you a couple of different pricing options based on who needs help with tuition and/or material fees.


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