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MAT Camp Awards

Thanks for helping us celebrate our 25th MAT Camp Birthday in style!  We hope you had fun participating in all our celebration fun – from treasure hunting to sharing your MAT Camp memories.

Grand Prize Winner

Linda Gernert

Proof that participating (and persistence) in all the qualifying activities pays off!  The Grand Prize included art materials, 2 General Admission tickets to the 2022 Evanston Bluegrass Festival, 2 Weekend Passes to the 2023 Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival and a full scholarship to the 2023 MAT Camp! (A $150+ prize package).

MAT Camp Logo 2022 with paint brush and 25 years of contagious creativity

Longest Teaching Faculty Member

(Has taught the longest at MAT Camp!  Now that’s devotion!  We’re so glad she comes back every year!  Plus, what’s MAT Camp without “Forbidden Foods”?  The winner receives a half-ride scholarship to the 2023 MAT Camp!)

Elizabeth Rennick

Longevity Awards

(Have participated in MAT Camp individually or as a family for 13 years or more!  Winners receive either tickets to the 2022 Evanston Bluegrass Festival or Weekend passes to the 2023 Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival.)

Stacee Corbett
Sara Maisey
The Bellenger / Siegesmund Family
Andrea Grantham

Your Idea = Your Celebration

(In May & June, we asked for your ideas on how you wanted to celebrate MAT Camp’s 25th Birthday.  And wow!  Your ideas were amazing!  Winners had their idea implemented and received additional chances for the Grand Prize Drawing.)

Sarah Swann - Silver Coin Scavenger Hunt
Andrea Grantham - MAT Camp Mural/Banner
Anna Anawalt - Special Awards Ceremony
Carolee Bowen - MAT Camp Longetivity Awards

MAT Camp Treasure Hunt

(25 Silver MAT Camp Celebration coins were hidden all around Davis Middle School.  Campers were encouraged to treasure hunt throughout the week to find the coins.  And you did!  Winners kept the coin & selected an item from the “treasure chest”.)

Kailin Flake | Brooklyn Larson | Kyler Larson
Travis Williams | Carolyn Williams | Amanda Williams
Hezekiah Morris | Elle Rennick | Diane Rennick
Kendrey Flake | Zoe Smith | Everly Flake
Jocelyn Capener | Tana Williams | Ari Flake
Jolee Swann | Navy Burdess | Tyn Burdess
Abbie England | Annie Baxter | Rebecca Williams
Rowen Herrera | Emmett Herrera

"What Is It" Facebook Activity

20 close-up images of various art, dance, music, & theater-related items were posted daily from July 1st – 17th.  By naming and even guessing at what the object was, Facebook participants received a chance for the Grand Prize drawing.

So, are you interested in knowing the answers?  Answers are listed by date/time of the post.

July 1 (1:15 pm):  Tuba/Euphonium

July 1 (8:00 pm):  Watercolors

July 2 (3:00 pm):  Ballet Slippers

July 2 (8:00):  Theater Makeup

July 3:  Piano Hammers

July 4:  Soundboard

July 5:  Mandolin

July 6:  Paint Brushes

July 7:  Ballet Bar

July 8:  Microphone 

July 9:  Book Binding

July 10 (11:00 am):  Clay Sculpting Tool

July 10 (8:00 pm):  Maracas

July 11:  Theater Mask

July 12 (10:00 am):  Oil Pastels

July 13:   Rosin

July 14:  Clarinet

July 15:  Metronome

July 16:  Pipe Organ

July 8:  Willow/Twig Charcoal

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