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Performers & Listings are from the 2022 festival.
We’ll update everything for 2023 in early summer.

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Quote: I hope you came out to hear some bluegrass music. If you didn't, we're both in the Wrong Place.


Cold Creek Band

Cold Creek Band is Utah’s premier bluegrass band.  Their music is a captivating blend of traditional and progressive bluegrass. It features tight harmonies, incredible picking and playing,  delightful arrangements, and several original tunes. These musicians love to entertain, and their live shows wow audiences.

Cold Creek Band

“There is nothing like live music and yours is the best!”


Two Headed Trout

Two Headed Trout uses traditional bluegrass instrumentation and a touch of the psychedelic to weave a fast-paced mix of original tunes, bluegrass standards, and creative takes on timeless roots, rock, and Americana songs into pure Mountain Jamgrass.  Two Headed Trout will get your feet moving and your heart singing.

Two Headed Trout performing

“Perfect show for a summer day . . .”


Hillfolk Noir

Hillfolk Noir is a trio of neo-traditionalists playing traditional music on traditional instruments for non-traditional times. They call it Junkerdash, and it’s a sound brewed from part folk, part bluegrass, part string-band blues, part punk, and most certainly wholly kickass.  Bourbon and the Western Swing are recommended pairings.

Hillfolk Noir

“If John Steinbeck owned a speakeasy, Hillfolk Noir would be the house band.”


The Gravel Yard Band

The Gravel Yard formed modestly in an actual gravel lot fueled by moonlit jam sessions deep in the Ozark Mountains of Stone County, Arkansas.  Their music can be described as a juxtaposition of old-school, hard-driving bluegrass with progressive musicality and soulful country and Americana flavor.  This crew of “stout as Arkansas Moonshine” grassers produce a musical footprint unlike any other.

The Gravel Yard Band

“… it’s easy to say that the natural state of bluegrass music - is in safe hands.”


Molly In The Mineshaft

“Newgrass” group Molly in the Mineshaft finds a perfect balance between celebrating the diverse musical heritage of bluegrass music and presenting it with a new twist.  They wow the audiences with their upbeat take on traditional, international favorites, mixed with roots-inspired original compositions.  Their entertaining music uplifts and inspires people of all ages through high energy & diversity. 

Molly in the M.

“beyond-fantastic performance... the audience just loved every second of it.”


Headline Performance

Special Consensus

The Special Consensus is a bluegrass band that has achieved a contemporary sound in their four decades of performing, making their music a modern classic.  Their sound is grounded in a deep appreciation and understanding of bluegrass music; the infectious band sound reminds people of the past while utilizing the innovations of today.  These four talented vocalists and instrumentalists follow their creative desires without straying too far from their roots.

“…. talent like this is the property of the world.”"

Special Consensus


Headline Performance

David Davis &
The Warrior River Boys

David Davis & The Warrior River Boys have produced a masterful and exciting collection of songs originally recorded in the 1920’s by the legendary Charlie Poole and his North Carolina Ramblers, a generation before Bill Monroe is credited with founding bluegrass music. “Our intention was to evolve the songs, yet leave the strength and essence of the original feel as our foundation and build on that,” explains Davis.

“…. fresh, vibrant, and inventive, "

David Davis & The Warrior River Boys
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