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Evanston Celtic Festival Logo - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

2021 Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

March 18 - 20, 2021

Join us virtually for 3 days of Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival fun!

We’re offering a variety of workshops for EVERYONE – EVERYWHERE!  Learn a new instrument, hone skills on an instrument you already play, kick-up your heels, and more.

Discover the heartbeat of the Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival in a whole new way – virtually!

See our Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival page to register for workshops.

2021 Celtic Festival Poster
Bagpipes Scotland Child - katharinakanns / - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

We’re Virtually Yours!

The 2021 Evanston Celtic Festival - is going virtual

We were so disappointed last year when we had to make the difficult decision to cancel the 2020 Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival.  So, disappointed, that we decided to hold some form of our annual festival NO MATTER WHAT!

Since mandates & guidelines continue to change, we’ve decided to hold our 2021 Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival online!  This is the perfect opportunity to learn from the pros.  Whether it’s an instrument, storytelling, or a new dance step, there’s something for everyone. 

Learn the bodhran, tune-up your dadgad, lace-up your dancing shoes & have some fun!

Canceled: The Young Musicians Festival

See you next year!

It’s with heavy hearts that we’re canceling the “Young Musicians Festival“.  Originally scheduled for March 27, 2021, the festival is being postponed until 2022.

Unlike with the 2021 Evanston Celtic Festival, we didn’t feel that going virtual would be of benefit to our Young Musicians Festival participants.  That being said, we have great things in the works for next year and can’t wait to roll them out!

And we’re still hosting MAT Camp!  So, there will still be an opportunity to learn from our great MAT Camp instructors.

The Bowen Young Musicians Festival Logo
Loose abstract painting of a guitar

New Year, New Look, New Website

Get ready - get set - go 2021!

We’re super excited about our offerings this year. And yes, some of our events will be virtual-only (or part virtual). It’s the nature of the world we currently live in and we’re pivoting and adapting when & where we can.

So what to expect for 2021? A virtual Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival, MAT Camp (in-person), & Bluegrass Festival (live, hopefully)! Plus, fundraisers and community events along the way.

Join us in celebrating & embracing the arts in 2021!