MAT Camp/Blue Sky Student Lodging

The MAT Camp/Blue Sky student lodging plan is for high school students through age 17. Students will be housed at the Knight’s Inn in Evanston. Chaperons will be provided at the hotel and all transportation to and from campus, meals, activities, etc. will also be provided. Free breakfast and lunch are available to students Monday- Friday. Students will need to bring money for dinner each night. Check back soon for more details!

Student rooms each have 2 double beds. Students have the option of sharing a bed (lowest price point), or having their own bed (higher price point). A family room price is also available. Prices are per student, and cover 5 nights lodging (Sunday, July 9th – Thursday, July 13). Arrangements can be made to add the night of Friday, July 14th to the lodging plan. Please call 307-679-2348 for more information.

  • $85/student (sharing a bed) – up to 4 students will be housed per room. Students share double beds. Covers 5 nights lodging.
  • $155/student (bed to them-self) – 2 or 3 students will be housed per room. Student gets their own bed. Covers 5 nights lodging.
  • $300/family room rate – save up to $40 over the individual student price! Families who wish to room together can take advantage of this great rate. Up to 4 family members per room. Covers 5 nights lodging.

1. Please complete the Overnight Student Conduct Agreement for EACH STUDENT you wish to sign up.

When you reach the end of the form and submit your information, there will be an option to submit additional forms for subsequent students.

When you are finished, use the Paypal link below (you can pay for all students together, or send separate payments for each one) or call 307-679-2348 to make your payment. Rooms will not be reserved until payment in full has been received.

2. Student lodging plan payment

Your room reservations will not be made until payment has been received. Please use the Paypal button below (you can pay for several students at once by changing the quantity once an option has been placed in your cart), or you may call 307-679-2348 to pay with a charge card.

Lodging plan choices

For assistance choosing a lodging plan or other questions regarding MAT Camp, Blue Sky or the student lodging plan, please contact us at 307-679-2348 or email us:

Suggested packing list for students registering for the lodging plan  – Please label all items clearly with your name. MAT Camp/Blue Sky and the Knights Inn are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • sleeping bag and pillow – you will be sharing rooms and may wish to sleep on top of the blankets or on the floor
  • appropriate clothing (see MAT Camp/Blue Sky dress code below)
  • lightweight jacket for evenings
  • towel – room service may not happen every day so we suggest bringing your own towel just in case
  • personal toiletries – you will need to bring your own shampoo, soap, lotion, etc. as the hotel will not be providing enough to go around for the whole week. Girls may want to bring a personal travel-size hair dryer, sharing the bathroom and the hair dryer can make you late in the mornings!
  • ear plugs for sleeping
  • sunscreen
  • reusable water bottle
  • backpack or tote bag to hold your folder, music, water bottle, etc. while you go from class to class all day
  • your instrument(s)
  • pencil
  • inexpensive camera – capture the fun times!
  • spending money for dinner each night and anything else you may want to purchase during your stay – he MAT Camp Store will be open on campus each day with lots of fun items for sale
  • any special items/supplies that your MAT Camp instructors may have contacted you about in advance


Student attire is casual for daytime and evening activities. Students who break the dress code will be asked to change into suitable attire. Those who refuse to comply may be sent home.

Some performing classes may require concert dress for the final performance on Friday. Please bring black pants/skirt, black stockings and shoes, and a white blouse or shirt to wear at the final concert.

Clothing that causes undue attention, is disruptive to the learning environment, or creates a safety problem is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, the following items:
1. Clothing, badges, jewelry, or appearance that denotes gang or cult involvement or affiliation.
2. Apparel that poses a concern such as pants sagging below the hips, etc.
3. Clothing with obscene or suggestive images and/or messages.
4. Apparel, jewelry or accessories that advertise or advocate drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.
5. Cropped tops that reveal bare midriff and short shorts or skirts. All shirts should reach your pants or shorts without skin appearing in-between.
6. Skirts or shorts that do not cover over halfway to your knee are too short and are not appropriate.
7. Clothing that is ragged, tattered or torn, or deliberately cut or mutilated is not appropriate.
8. Display of cleavage in any way is inappropriate.