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virtual workshops

Go virtual with Ceili at the Roundhouse!

We’re so excited to offer virtual workshops for this year’s Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival!  

Let’ face it.  Our world is still in pandemic disarray.  Wyoming’s current CoVID-19 guidelines prevent holding a live event – at least one that’s similar to previous Celtic Festivals.  So, we brainstormed a bit.  And decided to bite the bullet and go virtual.

We know everyone’s tired of virtual – school, meetings, even church.  Yet, we still wanted to provide a meaningful festival.  Virtual workshops allow us to “scratch your Celtic Festival itch”.  And we don’t have to worry about the possibility of canceling the entire festival at the last minute. 

We’re offering a wide variety of topics and instructors.  Everything from instrumental instruction to step dancing to entertainment.  Whether you’re 3 or 93, we hope you’ll find something to wet your whistle! 

Dividers Frame Gold Foil Flourish  - AnnaliseArt / Pixabay

Kick back with your favorite pint
for instruction, entertainment, and
Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival fun!

How to register for the workshops

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If you & your family attend & participate in our events & programs throughout the year, we’ve simplified things.  No more signing-up & registering over & over again for each event!!!

Our new ticketing/registration platform allows you to securely* create one account for your entire family to use throughout the year.  Purchase festival tickets, sign-up for MAT camp, register for workshops with ease!  

*See “Terms of Service” & the “Privacy Policy” for additional information.

Many thanks in advance for continuing to support our festival.


Video link provided March 18, available any time for 72 hours

Illuminated manuscript workshop - - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

Illuminated Manuscripts

Jenn Beachler

Learn the art of the illuminated manuscript.


Link provided March 18, available for 72 hours

Leprechaun waving a four leaf clover - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

Emerald Isles
Digital Escape Room

Maggie Jones

Can you solve the puzzle? Up to 6 players. Play anytime within 72 hours of purchasing, with up to 10 devices and across different households if you like!



Thursday, March 18, at 6:00 pm

Kevin Crawford playing the Irish Flute in concert - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

Irish Flute

Kevin Crawford

Irish Flute with Kevin Crawford from Lunasa



Friday, March 19, at 3:00 pm

Adam Hendey from The Fire playing a dadgad Celtic guitar - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

Dadgad tuned
celtic guitar

Adam Hendey
(The Fire)

Dadgad tuned Celtic guitar, accompaniment, and flat-picking Celtic tunes.


Friday, March 19, at 5:00 pm

Nerea the Fiddler - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

Cape Breton "cuts"


Master the characteristic Cape Breton Bow ornamentation called a ‘Cut’.


Friday, March 19, at 6:00 pm

Rebecca Lomnicky from The Fire playing her Scottish Fiddle - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

scottish fiddle

Rebecca Lomnicky
(The Fire)

Join international Scottish fiddle champion Rebecca Lomnicky as she teaches you how to bow, ornament, and articulate a two-hundred-year-old Scottish fiddle tune.



Saturday, March 20, at 11:00 am

Nerea the Fiddler - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

Fiddle from Brittany:
Gavotte Bretonne


Open to all instruments. Learn to play a Gavotte De Montagne from the traditions of the French Celtic Region: Brittany.


Saturday, March 20, at 12:00 pm

Daoiri Farrell with his bouzouki - a Celtic instrument - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

Bouzouki Accompaniment

Daoiri Farrell

Learn about the bouzouki and its use in accompanying traditional Irish songs and tunes.


Saturday, March 20, at 1:00 pm

The Celtic Harp - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

celtic harp

Julietta Rabens

If you dream of playing the Celtic harp, this is your chance! Learn the basics with Dr. Julietta Rabens.


Saturday, March 20, at 2:00 pm

David Brewer from The Fire playing a penny whistle - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

Penny Whistle

David Brewer
(The Fire)

Penny whistle stylings, ornaments, and theory pertaining to playing Celtic music.


Saturday, March 20, at 4:00 pm

Tom Delany with - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival Pipes

uilleann pipes

Tom Delany

Come learn technique, tunes, and history of the Uilleann pipes with Tom Delany


Saturday, March 20, at 5:00 pm

David Brewer from The Fire playing a bodhran - a Celtic drum - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival


David Brewer
(The Fire)

Bodhran: playing Celtic rhythms to accompany traditional dance music— how to fit in with the melody.


Saturday, March 20, at 7:00 pm

Joannie Madden from Cherish the Ladies with her silver flute - Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival

silver flute & traditional music

Joanie Madden
(Cherish the Ladies)

Join Joanie Madden for this look into the relationship between silver flute and trad music!


We miss you!
So, wish on a star,
Throw a penny in the wishing well,
& wish on a pot of gold
That the Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival
will be a live event in 2022.

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