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Grades:  6+  |  Instructor:  Kara Swensen →

We will recycle used items to make an assemblage that can be aesthetically pleasing and have personal meaning.

Participants will need to bring a container such as a shoe box, wooden box, crayon box, a frame with a back, or something similar.

They will also need to bring old used items to use in the assemblage. Ideas include: game pieces, printed music, words or pictures, metal object like keys or hardware, shells, plastic toys, rocks, wood objects from furniture or small blocks of various sizes, nut shells, small bottles, wire, beads, buttons, utensils or other kitchen items (cookie cutters or other tools), corks, plastic pieces such as lids or remnants of 3D printer, frames or corners of frames, watch or watch pieces or gears, jewelry, material, lace, leather, old toys, compass, art supplies (old brushes, empty paint containers), tools, cardboard, tags, license plates, glass, belt, chandelier pieces, feathers, knobs, money, supplies from hobbies, etc.

Materials Fee:  $5

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