|   Grades:  6+  |  Instructor:  Jenn Beachler → Creating & illustrating characters that feel real can make your stories come alive! This class will give you the tools to get started making characters that will be unforgettable! Materials Fee:  $9

|  Grades:  3-5  |  Instructor:  JoAnn Memmott → Good drawing skills are the starting point of all visual art. We will create a drawing the first day to assess current skill levels and then work to improve skills from there. Charcoal, kneaded erasers, pencils and drawing tablets will be utilized. Materials Fee:  $5

|   Grades:  6+  |  Instructor:  JoAnn Memmott → Use charcoal, pencils, and kneaded erasers to improve your skills in drawing portraits.  Willing volunteers from the class will take turns posing for us.  We will also explore some drawing techniques used by the old masters using baroque plates. Materials Fee:  $5