|  Grades:  9+  |  Instructor:  Nate Baxter → This group is fun! You will get a chance to learn some beautiful harmonies and blending skills. We will focus on traditional choral chamber techniques for intermediate to advanced high school singers as we sing music from Broadway musicals.

|  Grades:  9+  |  Instructor:  Stacee Corbett → Learn how to arrange music for flute ensemble & learn practice techniques to help you be more effective in your pactice time. We will perform on Friday at 10 am.  

|  Grades:  9+  |  Instructor:  Amy Gabbitas → Open to all clarinetists (Bb, bass, & Eb). We will adjust repertoire according to the abilities of the players. Includes classics & modern music. The ensemble will perform Friday at the 10 a.m. concert.