|  Grades:  9+  |  Instructor:  Stacee Corbett → Learn how to arrange music for flute ensemble & learn practice techniques to help you be more effective in your pactice time. We will perform on Friday at 10 am.  

|  Grades:  8+  |  Instructor:  Ed Candland → Have fun while improving your saxophone chops by learning to play music written or arranged for the saxophone ensemble (bari, tenor, alto, and soprano). We’ll culminate the week with a performance at the 10 a.m. concert.  

|  Grades:  8+  |  Instructor:  Elizabeth Young Rennick → Oboes & bassoons change the world by playing beautiful music together. The repertoire will be adjusted to the levels of the players. The ensemble will perform Friday.  

|  Grades:  9+  |  Instructor:  Amy Gabbitas → Open to all clarinetists (Bb, bass, & Eb). We will adjust repertoire according to the abilities of the players. Includes classics & modern music. The ensemble will perform Friday at the 10 a.m. concert.