New In 2022

Recent Changes to the Festival

Please Note:  The listed changes were to have been implemented in 2020.  However, since we’ve had to cancel the Bowen Young Musicians Festival for the past two years, these changes are now being implemented this year.

Young Musician Festival Honor Performance

Division Winners

Awarding MAT Camp Scholarships to Division winners will be discontinued.  Instead, cash prizes will be awarded: $100 First Place, $50 Second Place, $25 Third Place.  The Adult Bracket will not be included in the Division Competition.

Registration Deadline

The registration deadline has been changed to a month ahead of the festival instead of two weeks.  Registrations received after that date will have an additional $10 service fee as usual.

Participation Ribbons 

Performers will continue to receive a participation certificate and written comments to remember their performance experience.  Participation ribbons will be discontinued.

Honors Concert 

The Honors Concert will start earlier, at 5:30, to help accommodate out-of-town groups.  Corsages will be discontinued.

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