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Army Celtic Band Kicks off Festival

Get warmed up for the Celtic Festival on Thursday, March 23, 7 pm at the Roundhouse. This pre-event is free and will feature Warrior Bard, a Celtic/Bluegrass band, brought to you by the 67th Army Band based in Wheatland, Wyoming.

Not many people know that the US Army has a Celtic/Bluegrass band. The Arts Inc. Director, Carolee Bowen didn’t either until she met a man at a music conference, wearing camouflage and playing fast riffs on a mandolin.  “He was just sitting there in a booth representing the US Army, playing mandolin, and talking to people about the Army. I did a double take,” Bowen said. Over the next few hours Bowen and CW4 Commander Rob Phillips had a conversation about the Celtic Festival that happens every March in Evanston, presented by The Arts Inc. “He was interested in bringing his Celtic band for a free performance,” Bowen said, “that was 3 years ago. It is finally coming to pass.”

The 67th Army Band’s mission, and the mission of all army bands, is to provide music throughout the spectrum of military operations to instill in their soldiers the will to fight and win, foster the support of  citizens, and promote its national interests at home and abroad.  Within army bands there are smaller groups labeled as “Musical Performance Teams” or MPT’s.  Warrior Bard is one such team, and was initiated by SGT Hedberg (violin), SSG Savery (Irish Whistle/bagpipies), and Chief Warrant Officer 4 Phillips (Mandolin/Guitar).  Warrior Bard is considered a small, mission ready, group that can perform and adapt to many different venues, and is highly mobile.  Their mission is to provide Celtic/Bluegrass/Americana music to audiences of all sizes.